Forest’s Story


Our aim is to provide highest quality, organic and wild (wherever possible) food items, superfoods and extracts to people to experience how foods of high quality can impact their health. 

What are wild foods?

Wild foods are foods that are not grown or cultivated by humans but they occur in nature. Some of our wild foods are jujube berries, jujube berries powder, raw and wild honey. These items are sourced from the forests and wild sources of Madhya Pradesh. As a result, they are seasonal, in limited supply, taste special and have unique benefits. We at Forest Organics believe that such raw, wild, pristine and seasonal items should be respected and should be left as such. Growth in the wild speaks of the quality of the source as only the fittest survive in the wild. Thus, wild foods have a higher nutritional content than domesticated foods and are better for immunity.


We aim to see ourselves as leaders in setting the example of providing organic products of the highest quality in improving people’s health. This includes superfoods, wild foods, organic plant-based foods, extracts and supplements, essential oils and products for personal use.

A picture of Ber tree in the wild